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Orphan Care Program

The orphan care program provides comprehensive support and care for orphaned children, ensuring their well-being, education, and emotional development. Through a nurturing environment, access to healthcare, education, and psychosocial support, the program aims to empower and uplift orphaned children, providing them with the necessary tools for a brighter future.

JDS has been working with orphan care program since 2007.

Our Approach

Our key approaches include establishing safe and nurturing environments, providing access to quality healthcare and education, ensuring holistic support for emotional and psychological well-being, promoting social integration and community involvement, and developing sustainable funding and partnerships to meet the ongoing needs of orphaned children.

Our Accomplishments

Achievements Up To June 2023
  • 400+ orphan children got support for quality education, food, healthcare, emotional and psychological well-being.
  • 100+ orphan children getting education, food and healthcare support at home.
  • 20+ orphan and vulnerable children getting accommodation, food and education support at orphanage.




Way Forward

The orphan care program involves continuous improvement and expansion of services, strengthening partnerships with stakeholders, enhancing community involvement, promoting sustainable funding mechanisms, and adopting innovative approaches to meet the evolving needs of orphaned children, ensuring their holistic development and brighter futures.

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